hope our request will be given due considerations


We hope our request will be given due consideration.

Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies

I am attaching my resume and cover letter for consideration for the Operations Coordinator position that is vacant.

A cover letter is a letter tht says somehtig is attached. What you havewritten is a cover letter for your cover letter. That seems a bit silly. It shows tht you do not understand the application process.

In particular,your cover letter should high-light your most important strengths for this job. Your resume gives details.

Think of the process this way.

A good cover letter makes ther reader want to read your resume.

If your resume is strong, the reader may offer you an interviw.

If the interview goes well, you may get a job offer.

If part way hrough this process the reader dos not stay interested, he won't read the rest. He'll

just throw it in the garbge and go on to the next applicnt.