I am not feeling well, suffering with severe stomach pain and hoarseness of voice, because of hoarseness problem I cant make a call to inform you.
This mail is to inform you that I was still not well so that I was not able to come to office even today.
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If I were you,I should've said :

1- I'm not feeling well;Because I'm suffering from sever stomachache and hoarseness of voice,I can't call you to inform you that......

2-I send you this mail is to inform you that because I'm still ill,I wasn't able to(I think better say I couldn't) come to the office even today.

Hope someone can reply and correct me if I'm wrong,thanks.
Good morning mam
I am not feeling well and will not be able to come to the college today.

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i did not go to office because i was ill

Im still ill, i will not be able to come office even today
Not able to come to office today. Due to stomach pain
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I am not well because i have alot of vomitings So i will not come today kindly inform sir Imtiaz
Wont be able to come to office today due to severe stomach pain
Hi sir, Good morning. I will not come today due to heavy back pain.
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