I am glad to introduce myself. My name`s Sarah. I’ve just graduated from the University of ….. with a bachelor degree in Hotel Management .
I have 3-month experience in front office department at Sofitel towers and casino. I’ve gained a good knowledge and skills about front office operation that included arranging and attending presentation, working with clients and identifying the frequent problems and how to deal with it. Make a check in and out to the guest, telephone handling and room orientation. I`ve also a good background of the property management system .i had been working on opera reservation system during my summer training.
I had a front office training course for 45 hours with Mr. John Alexander. He was a front office manager at Novotel Hotel. This course was sponsored by AHLA.i had given a certificate and pin as mark of professionalism had also many courses related to the hospitality industry such as food safety , food and beverage, leadership and housekeeping

My short term goal is to get a good job and my long term goal is to be a hotel manager and professional trainer
My hobbies are listening to music, reading book and playing chess.

My weaknesses are
I trust people very easily which is I think a negative for me
It takes me a longtime to get ready in the morning, so I set my alarm one hour a head of my time in for work.
My strengths are
I’m quick to learn, self-confident and highly motivated .i work hard, am a good team player and love challenges.

I`m holding ICDL license. I had training in a small company of web design and development and I am able to create and design a websites .I was assistant IT of tourism student development association where communication and teamwork where essential qualities. It is an association which helps student to gain skills before the graduation.
wow, great introduction! It lets the readers now that you are a trustful and motivated person with with good skills. I'm sure you will find soon a good job. Your English is better than mine, I didn't find any mistakes.
Thank you very much Gomez .. Emotion: big smile<3
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thanx gomez Emotion: smile
good one