I read in a magazine translated by a non -native speaker a sentence which I don't understand :

A / The Ministry of Education and Training estimates that 20% of graduates are at the level of grades 2 and 3 out of a seven grade scale , with grade 7 the highest .

B/ Big companies only recruit workers at/with skill level of 3/7 ( skill level of three out of seven ) .

Are these sentences correct ? If they are not correct , please correct them

I would appreciate it very much if anyone helps me with this
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On certainly is in very common useage in the UK.
TuongvanBill has been UK on/ US at the same grade for several years now .

Perhaps British people use on and American people use at . Or this sentence has other meaning ? I 'm very confused now.
Hi Van,

The dictionary is correct about the difference between AmE and BrE regarding the usage of the two prepositions. That means we all fail to satisfy both cultures. However, we can certainly satisfy one culture; consistency is what we should go after. Make your choice and stick with it for the rest of your life. I made my choice to use 'at' and I explained my reason to you. I also shared my thought about this selection of mine in another post, Jennifer studies very hard and she is always on/at the top of her class..

Take care,
Hoa Thai
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I agree with Hao. There may be times BrE usage differs from the AmE but the correct preposition still depends on the context.

If an ethlete is at the prime of his life, he is at the best shape he can be physically. We can't use On.

Also, concerning the question earlier about level, it's at the level, at least in this part of US where I live. I find "on" quite odd in this usage.

If an athlete is at the prime of his life, he is at the best shape he can be physically.

I'd say If an athlete is in the prime of his life, he is in the best shape he can be physically.

Prepositions are hard to learn, and heard to teach. Emotion: smile

Best wishes, Clive
Hi Clive,

Although I agree with you that [in] is a better preposition choice, I have to say Anon was wrong either with [at] in his sentence. Here are few references:

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ScienceDirect - The Lancet Oncology : Tackling testicular cancer

You wonder how a man at the prime of his life undergoing such traumatic treatment, with the added responsibility of a new baby on the way, can remain so ...
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Memorial Resolution for Roland David Ciaranello, M.D.

... mentor, administrator, Dr. Roland David Ciaranello died suddenly and unexpectedly of cardiac arrest on December 15, 1994 at the prime of his life and at ...
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