Is this true?



Yes it is. The conjunction 'while' gives us a clear idea that they are both continuous actions performed once at a specific time, so either the past simple or past continuous is acceptable: they both convey the same thing here


Omar AhmedIs this true?

Yes, but I find it surprising how few students know it.

The word 'while' does the heavy lifting of making the simple past tenses act AS IF they were past continuous tenses.

I like to give the following example:

Nero fiddled while Rome burned.

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While is used for describing two actions performed by two different people in the same time frame. Here in these sentences, actions are parallel. So we can use the past continuous to convey both actions.

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I don't think it's necessarily to be performed by tow different people. I may do tow things at the same time like:

Ex: I was listening to music while I was drawing.

MoonriseI don't think it's necessarily to be performed by two different people.

Good point.


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