Which is correct?

Sam Spade, Ph.D, M.F.A. or

Sam Spade, M.F.A., Ph.D.

Both are terminal degrees for different fields.

The Ph.D. was earned first, the M.F.A. (Masters in Fine Arts) later.

The Ph.D. is not art related.


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According to Wikepedia, academic degrees should go in ascending order, so it would be MFA, PhD (no periods used).
I have a diploma in supervisory management. Can this diploma use at the end of a name similar to how a teacher's diploma is used. If so how would you write such a title together with a JP's title
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If you hold more than one degree, the correct format is to write the abbreviated name of the lowest degree after your name followed by the next higher degree. For example, if you hold both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degree, you would write: Jane T. Smith, B.A., M.A

I disagree.
If the degrees are in the same discipline., the convention is that you only show the highest one.

Highest academic degree goes last....i.e. M.D., Ph.D. or M.P.A., M.D.
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I would start with the first degree. For me it will be BSc, MILR, WWHP.
This is not correct...It is actually your highest degree first. You will never lose your MSN, or MBA, but you could lose your RN or CCRN.
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Guess it doesn't matters.
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