Can one use the following statement:
"Our practise makes yours perfect"
This is a play on words. I refer to "Our PRACTISE" as being what we do to help your PRACTICE (say medical).
I realise using "We practise" and "I practise" is correct, but can one use the word "Our" in the above example?
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to everyone saying "practice is a noun and practise is a verb"... you should do more than just read the first thing you see after googling it. i feel sorry for the original poster of the question who seems to know this already, whereas the people answering the question don't, haha.

yes, there are 2 nouns:

"a practice" and "a practise" with different spellings AND different meanings.

go find out what the difference is Emotion: smile

answer to the original question... the slogan seems fine.