which of these two are correct? " It is she" or "It is her"
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'It is she' is the accepted formal style for the written language. 'It is her' is becoming increasingly acceptable in semi-formal situations, and is a common colloquialism.

Context can alter the usage, however:

'It is she who opened all my mail.'
'It is her whom I despise more than any others.'

The second will generate heated discussion in some quarters.
Doesn't it depend grammatically on whether it is the object or the object in a sentence?
subject:--->She (I,we ....)
I was taught to think this way
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I realize that Mr. M. has already answered.

But let me add that, in everyday usage, it is quite common to circumvent the problem of choosing between the two by selecting an entirely different turn of phrase.

She's the one who stole the books.
She's the one I like best.

Who is it? -- It's Sally.

Emotion: smile
"It is her"
please send me a list of pronoun correct usage.
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Which one is the correct usage of she's or she is?

She's not home. Or She isn't home.
She's not home. Or She isn't home.
Both are correct.
Thank you, Mr. M.

Can you tell me if the following two situations need to have 'he' instead of 'him'? Let us assume this somehow fits into the formal style of writing (if that is plausible) .

Fictitious Scenarios:

1) OK, you see those three guys, who is the person you saw that commit the act?

I am not sure but I think it's him (should be 'he'??) who committed the act. Yes, on a second thought, I am sure it's him (should be 'he'??).

2) Who is there beside the 2003 Hyundai Sonata? (Did I write the name correctly?)

It's him (shoud be 'he'??), the guy who lives next door to you, John Doe.

3) (Ring, ring) Who is it?

It is me (should be "I"???), John Doe, your best friend.
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