Hi all!
I'm from India. As you all know, India is not an english speaking country but in an office and schools English is used throughout. There is a vast diversity and pronunciation varies from state to state. So, I want to know the correct way of pronouncing "Schedule" which doesn't leave me with a roar of laughter.
I pronounce it in this way.

Ske-jool and Ske-jyol
some of my friends pronounce it as "Seh-jyool". Some even more weird. Please tell me which pronouciation should I use. Cause it's now time to leave my state to study and I don't wanna sound very different.
This is one word where the BrE (begins with shhh sound) and AmE (begins with sk sound) pronunciations differ substantially - so it depends what version they speak where you are going to study. To hear both, use this link...

Students: We have free audio pronunciation exercises.
you are right.it is ske-joyal
Indian pronunciation doesn't strictly follow the BrE, even though the wannabe-s there and the elite try to emulate the latter. In this particular case, it is pronounced by the vast majoirty there as "shɛdyul", the first vowel being BET, the latter being MULE.

Why Indians pronounce the way they do: their phonotactics and syllabifications don't reflect English at all. Second, even in two syllabe words, you don't see the pitch difference between syllables. This is one reason for their being perceived as "fast talkers".