I am a new user here. I am not a native speaker of English but can speak English very fluently. I am working as a part-time English teacher here in Japan. The 2 paragraphs written below are from my resume. I want to know if there is any grammatical mistake. I want to learn and use correct English but sometimes very confused. Kindly help me and have a look here. Thanks.

"As an English teacher in Japan, I am teaching English to children and adults. I use many play-way methods to teach English to children by using LATEM techniques which are quite useful to achieve my goal of creating their interest in English. My students love me very much and this gives me deep satisfaction.
I have taught many adult classes at a community centre and an English-club. Because of having a Bachelor degree in Medical Sc. and Masters degrees in Computers and Education as well, I have very good knowledge to discuss these topics. Besides these, my broad knowledge of astrology, numerology, Buddhism, Feng-Shui, etc. make a good base of free-conversation classes."
Meg, I have some suggestions for your resume.

"achieve my goal of creating their interest in English" --> I'd rather write "increasing their interest" instead of "creating". Or "encouraging them to use/learn English"

I've always been taught that you must not use "etc" when writing formally. I suggest you to use "Buddhism or Feng-Shui make a good base...". It appears that the use of "etc" is vague.
Dear Novalee,
Thank you very much for your valuable suggestions. I have made the changes in my resume as suggested by you.
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