Hi teachers, please tell me which of the following are correct?

1. I have attached the article for my presentation.
2. I have attached the article I will be presenting on.
3. Please find the attached article for my presentation.
4. Please find attached the article for my presentation.
5. Please find attached a copy of the article for my presentation.
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These are not natural:

I am presenting on this article.
I am presenting about this article.

These are:
My presentation is based on this article.
My presentation contains material and information from this article.
I have summarized the main points of this article in my presentation.
For more details and background material for my presentation, please read this article.
AlpheccaStarsIndian English hearkens back to the Victorian era [...]
I could argue that formal business language often does too — which is why "old-fashioned" seemed appropriate.

Actually, your earlier point about the obvious nature of attachments hits the mark: I'm positive "please find attached" derives from "please find enclosed". In an all-postal world, it's worth mentioning to the reader that they should make sure their envelope is empty. In a digital world, it's an awkward formality to mention attachments in this way.
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Please find attached is my presentation materials in tomorrow.