1. While walking through the zoo, he came face to face an ape.

2. He read up the whole letter before putting it away.

3.Let us not dispute about his decision.

4.Leena don't have parents; She was brought by her aunt.

5.Everyone congratulated Mr.X for his success in catching the burglar.

6.When I grow, I want to be a nurse.

Are these sentences correct? Please correct if not so.

Thanks and regards.
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One should keep one's word.
Please correct the followings:-

1.I request you not to cut jokes in class.

2.I do not know where was he at that time.

3.Have you heard of your son's robbery?

4.if you do not come, then i shall not help you.

5.Have you seen her latest photograph.
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how many sons and daughters his uncle have?

How many sons and daughters does his uncle have?

How many children does his uncle have?

The baby sips the milk.

All of the suddenly the bell rang.

We will stay for one week.

tell us a scary story.
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The baby sips the milk.

All of the suddenly the bell rang.

Suddenly the bell rang.

All of a sudden the bell rang.

We will stay for one week.

Tell us a scary story. 'Scary' is an informal word. A more formal word is 'frightening'.

Next time, please say 'please'. Thank you.

Best wishes, Clive

1. yoour cat likes-----------------

2. Do you travel --------train?

3. I never write letters_----------------- I write a lot of emails

4. It's-------- to eat vegetables than to eat fast food.

You try first, OK?Emotion: smile

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Susan remembered to bring Mary's jacket to school but forgot her gloves.
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