1. While walking through the zoo, he came face to face an ape.

2. He read up the whole letter before putting it away.

3.Let us not dispute about his decision.

4.Leena don't have parents; She was brought by her aunt.

5.Everyone congratulated Mr.X for his success in catching the burglar.

6.When I grow, I want to be a nurse.

Are these sentences correct? Please correct if not so.

Thanks and regards.
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4.leena doesn't have parents.

6. when i grow up,i want to be a nurse.
Anonymous4.leena doesn't have parents.
6. when i grow up,i want to be a nurse.
Capital letters are important. Your sentences won't be correct without them.

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"Never since the war begins has there been such a week of dramatic and world Shaking events as in the past seven days. Since last sunday when japan attack Americas outposts Without warning the week has been grim. It draw's to a close with the hole world at war, for their is no teritory anywhere which can hencefourth be describe as outside the conflict, if anybody had prophesised at last Saturday that within five days the US would have passed an virtually unanimous decalaration of war on Japan, his forecast will have been derided."
I think you have copied ths text fom somewhere.

You need to check it for errors in capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

for example i will go to library i will ask library man following way it's
can i borrow the book.this sentence is correct.
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Anonymous, none of your sentences are correct, as they have no capitalization or punctuation. And we have no idea what you are responding to.

This thread had its useful life FIVE YEARS AGO, before being resurrected and then filled with a random stream of meaningless non-questions. I'm going to lock it.