Hypothetical Situation: I am thinking of holding a seminar and has to hand out a sheet that lists the things to be convered in the seminar.

1. What should be the title of this hand-out?

2. I have written some hypothetical topics to be covered in a format that might be appropriate or not be appropriate. Correct or change the content or format if you will.


(No title: Please place on for me)

Date: March 25, 200_

By: Mr. Noname

Welcome to the seminar and the seminar you are attending will last for three hours.

The topics to be covered on each hour are as follows:

First Hour: Learning to sing a typical Chinese song, paying special attention to how it is to be sung as natural-sounding as possible, taking notes of its intonations and rhythm.

(I sometimes have difficulties with using the word "notes" in a verb form, can you kindly go over the usage?)

Second Hour: Form groups of five and will lead a carefree conversation session, talking about things that are happening today and what you expect to happen in the near future.

Third Hour: Read a newspaper article chosen by the speaker and a short discussion on the article will follow.

I hope you will have great hours and hope to see you tomorrow at the same time here.

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Yes. However, I'd say 'Practicing A Song'.