what is the proper usage of "provide some insight into? about ? on?

for example:

the discussion we had provided me with some insight

1) about the position duties
2) into the position duties?
3) on the position duties?

thank you.

I think I heard it say "insight into". The reason is that "insight" implies "penetration" in understanding or perception. In this case "into" fits in this sense.

Hope this helps! Emotion: smile
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Provide some insight into the possible location of whoznits

Provide some insight with regards to bla bla bla...

Provide some insight regarding so and so....

I am guessing here... I came to this site with the same question... Emotion: smile
I have the same question! I'm writing a paper and couldn't think of what the ( word + preposition ) is called so I googled "insight of?" instead. I'm pretty sure they are called prepositional idioms?
Anyway thanks everyone for the help!

And boy I was shocked to see "2003" at the top of this question. It really tells you how old the internet is. I was just starting school that year...
What an ancient relic!


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