Hello, everyone!

I would like to know which prepositions to use along each of the following verbs:


For example:

I am willing to collaborate/cooperate with the authorities on/in/with the investigation

I am willing to assist/aid the authorities on/in/with the investigation

As far as I can tell, in/on is used when it's followed by a verb, whereas with is used when it's followed by a noun.

P.S: I didn't list help because it's usually followed by with. Is it possible to use it alongside other propositions?

Joaozinprepositions to use

According to what I've found on Google Ngrams, the usual combinations are these:

[assist / aid] (someone) with (something)
[assist / aid] (someone) [in / with] (doing something)
[cooperate / collaborate] with (someone) on (something)
[cooperate / collaborate] with (someone) [ in / on ] (doing something)

When a choice is shown, the preposition listed first is the more frequent one.



I am willing to assist the authorities with / in the investigation.

Note: "with" and "in" are used with nearly equal frequency.


You can use that link to explore other verb / preposition combinations.