What is the proper use of THEM and THOSE? Bad english is really hard to correct when you've used it all your life! (and when you don't even realize it's wrong!)
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'Them' is an object pronoun: 'I ate them.' Its subject equivalent is 'they': 'They ate them.' Neither can be an adjective.

'Those is a demonstrative pronoun or adjective: 'Those peanuts are mine', 'Those are mine', 'Give me those peanuts', 'Give me those'. Demonstratives have no case forms in English, and can be used as either subjects or objects without change.

Any help? If still confused, please post a confusing sentence or two.
Take one, and pass them/those?back to the next person,
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Take one, and pass the rest of them back to the next person.
My boyfriend constantly uses 'them' to describe a noun eg There might be jobs in them small towns. And he thinks he's right
My sympathies.
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I thought them refer to people
and those to things. These are also things.

I teach them English

I teach English to them.

What is the difference?

2921dacI teach them EnglishI teach English to them.What is the difference?

There is no difference in meaning.

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