When would you use customer's and when would you use customers' in a sentance.

The apostrophe must only be used here to indicate a possessive, never to form a plural

  1. Customer's - we are talking about one single customer and something that belongs to them:
    the customer's hat, the customer's request, the customer's money.
  2. Customers' - we are talking about many customers and something that belongs to them:
    the customers' hats, the customers' requests, and the customers' money.

Customer's is used if we are talking about one customer. For example:

The customer's invoice was printed yesterday. (There is one customer.) 

Customers' is used if we are discussing the possession of more than one customer:

The customers' complaints were mainly focussed on the unfriendliness of the staff.
Several customers have complained.

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Is it not "customer service", without the 's'? That's how it is down in Aus. The 's is used to denote ownership, it doesn't make grammatical sense to denote ownership without it.

If I had to explain why its "customer service" and not "customer's service", I would say it's because the customer does not own the service, it's the business, i.e. the Sale's customer service department.

If the customer did own something, then yes it needs 's, i.e. the customer's handbag was stolen; if it's more than one, the customers' handbags were stolen.

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how about customers? i guess the explanation of using customers' and customers are the same. Emotion: smile

NO! customers is just the plural of customer!

NO! customers is just the plural of customer!
You are correct.

Customer is singular and whether we talk about one customer or many, it is always 'customer's' when something belongs to the customer or many customers.
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will it be customers' service or customers service? is it important to put ' there? Thanks
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you are right, thanks.
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