The bar chart compared the number of students in thousand by gender on eight different subjects in 2005. The subject listed are sciences, mathematics, social sciences, languages, humanities and the Arts (art, music, drama), literature and law.

In general, sciences and mathematics were more popular to men than woman. Female interested in non-sciences subject such as social sciences, the arts, literature and humanities and law. Social Sciences and languages had more female students than male students.

A majority of men and women students chose sciences and social sciences, twenty one thousand male students chose sciences, twenty four thousand female students chose social sciences. By contrast, law and literature were chosen by ten thousand and fifteen thousand male students respectively while five thousand and ten thousand female students chose the same major. On the other hand, only two thousand men's studied languages and extremely few men's chose the Arts. Humanities had many male students as female students.

Which of these two instructions are you following?

1. Read the introduction to a text about the bar chart, then complete the paragraph about the girls using phrases from the box. (where it the introduction?)

2. Write a 90-word paragraph describing the boy's results use the paragraph about the girls as a model.

It seems like you are not following either one. It is important to follow instructions. If you do not, you will fail the exam.

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