Hello everybody,

I will be most thankful and will appreciate very much, if one of you could help me in correcting the below exchanges
and advice to the Tasks below; Please note, I will be grateful to receive corrected versions in simple termes and grammartical explanation to the corrections.

Since I am preparing for the CELTA Cambridge Certficate in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages course here in Vienna, Austria. I am seeking for profession advice in Internet and also searching for Books in the following:

A. English grammar
B. Common Errors in English Laungage Usage.
C. English Drafting and Editing

To be corrected:

1. "I`d like some informations about your courses."
"Certainly, here`s our brochure."

Explanation in in simple terms:

2. “Have you got any money?”
“Yes, I’ve been to the bank yesterday”

Explanation in in simple terms:

3. “Why don’t you give up smoking?”
“I’ve tried, but I just can’t give up it.”

Explanation in in simple terms:

4. “Why didn’t you answer the phone?”
“Because I had a bath.”

Explanation in in simple terms:

Approaches to Teaching and Learning English:

1. Imagine that you are teaching a multilingual group of 12 adult learners at elementary level.

2. What problems might your students have in understanding these sentences:

I’ve got: a headache
: a sore throat
: a cough

3. What problems might they have in pronouncing them?

4. Outline some ideas on how you could teach these expressions.

5. Now think of your own experience as a learner of languages at school or elsewhere.
What conclusions would you draw from your experience as regards what makes a good language lesson?

6. Write at least 100 words in the space below:


Claudius Taruvinga-Mtasa
E-Mail: (removed)
Vienna. Austria/Europe.
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Hi Claudius,

I am also planning on taking the CELTA course in Vienna, and live in the 20th district! Did you find it worthwhile? I am currently teaching a bit and like it, but want to expand my knowledge of grammer in order to be a better teacher. Are you teaching in Vienna now too?

Thanks in advance!