It was three years ago when I graduated from a prestigious university with honors and with full of passion, I wanted to join the workforce and make a difference like any other fresh graduate. In less than 3 years, I realized how different the real world is from the academic world. What's right is not always the preferred choice. And money always comes first. You can have the best design but if your company is not willing to invest the money, it's just another piece of paper in your drawer. Slowly, my passion started to fade away and now, I have reached the point where I'm dragging myself to work and don't bother to be creative as good designs are not always rewarded. Just do as I'm told is almost my daily philosophy.

Are there any mistakes?

Thanks in advance.
The things I could find:

Don't start with "and" in your sentences.

I was graduated....

Just do what I am told sounds poor to me write "I just do as I am told" instead.

I think 'I was graduated from Oxford' is mainly an American usage.

I'd say 'I graduated from Oxford'.

Best wishes, Clive
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Are you surea bout the And rule?

And I don't see anything wrong with "I graduated from".

Let's wait for a native.
I don't know much about punctuation but it doesn't seem stylistic.

As for graduation, I changed my mind. I feel confused now. I should search "I was graduated...".
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I may not have used it in the most stylish way but am quite certain it's acceptable.
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