I have to hand in this report this Friday. Could you please run a quick check through it to see if there are any mistakes?

Recently I have been having Harry practice making sentences in the present, past and future tense so as to reinforce his memory of the usage of tenses. Harry occasionally seems perplexed by the usage of the present-tense and past-tense verbs. Sometimes he will place a past-tense verb after will. In order to avoid those situations, please have him read five minutes a day, as many sentences as he can in each tense that he wrote in his homework. I also find that, more often than not, he tends to pronounce are and R/ r as a short O sound. Please remind him to curl up his tongue to pronounce are and the letter, and not to hold the sound for too long. I'm also asking him to lift up his intonation when he asks a question. Currently I am concentrating on helping them perceive the differences between tenses starting with dates and weekdays. Then I will have them make sentences in the past and future tense with a point in time, such as “He went to school at 8:30 (in the morning.)” From my perspective, it’s imperative that children at an early age learn to apply and incorporate tenses correctly in their daily conversation. I would like to recommend a website, http://www.xinzhitang.com.cn / , on which there are plenty of interactive games, songs and stories that your child will find very interesting. You can make good use of the website to improve his reading!

Thanks for your correction!!

My only thought is to wonder if Harry's parents speak very good English. Will they understand your comments and suggestions, and the level of English which you have used in writing them? If not, perhaps you might consider expressing your excellent points in a more simple way.

Best wishes, Clive
Hi, Clive

His parents speak very good English because they work for Americans. Emotion: smile