Can I say:

We share a congenial common too- that is, 'Stand for what we think is right!' no matter under what circumstances.

Is this sentense okie? Please correct me if I'm wrong.....thanks a lot.

I'm afraid not. I can't make a lot of sense of it, particularly congenial common.

We share the same views, too, for example, to stand up for what we think is right no matter what the circumstances.

any suggestions please?
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Thanks Califjim:)

I typed in chinese words in my electronic dictionary and it came out these words. I wanted to say something like 'we share the same view, interest or concept..or we have something in common(good one)'

Do u mean congenial common has no meaning by itself? Oh no, looks like i have to throw my dict away.....
One by one substitution of words isn't going to work. A language is not a code!

'congenial common' has no meaning. No.
So sorry, no prize, but thanks for playing! Emotion: smile

I wouldn't necessarily throw the dictionary away, though.

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Thanks a lot:)