Can I say,

(a) His stall is opened / open every every morning.

(b) The cars stopped at the traffic light.

(c) The beekeeper is collecting from the honey combs.

(d) During the day time, they go swimming.

(e) When she reached the seaside, she saw many activities such as (a) volleyball match and (a) swimming contest. She joined the team and won the match.

(f) When they reached, they saw many children playing on the seaside.

(g) Last school holidays, they go / played parasailing.

Last school holidays, they planned for a picnic.

(h) The waiter is serving the food to the customers.
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Hi Amy

The store was closed at midnight.
(In this sentence it is not clear whether the word closed is intended to be part of the passive form of the verb close, or whether the word closed is intended as a description of an existing state.)

The above is a very good example. No wonder, many people are confused by 'closed'.