Of the two sentences-"The cow eats grass" and "Cow eats the grass"-which one is correct?
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'The cow eats grass' is correct, Anirban, but we might more likely write 'Cows eat grass' in most compositions.
I cannot think of a context for "cow eats the grass".
"Cows eat grass" is the sentence you would use if you are talking about cows in general.

"The cow eats grass" would be more appropriate than "cows eat grass" in certain contexts.

Perhaps you could post the paragraph in which your sentence will appear for us to give you the right answer?

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I cannot think of a context for "cow eats the grass".

How about, "A cow eats the grass when it's grazing in a field." ?
In a children's book:

Cow eats the grass. Bear eats the berry. Rabbit eats the carrot. Bird eats the worm. Daddy eats the pizza.
I'd go for:

a cow (any cow) eats grass

cows (all the cows) eat grass
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Hi Pieanne,

You wouldn't spoil my children's book now, would you?
NEVER, Davkett, never... Emotion: smile
Good, 'cuz now I'm going to add: "Pieanne eats pies."
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