Happy Cosmonaut Day (April 12) to all our Russian friends.
I didn't know this celebration Emotion: surprise maybe our Russian friends could tell us more about it!

Anyway Happy Cosmonaut Day
yes..Happy Cosmonaut Day!:)

Can anyone tell us what it is about?:) (Please!:D)
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I think it's a bit late nowEmotion: smile, but I can tell you about this Day. 12th April 1961 our russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin has flown in space. He was the first man visited space, also he is a national hero here in Russia (You know, Cosmos is an especial pride of USSREmotion: smile).

I can't say that 12 april is a great holiday nowadays, but every year on 12th April we recalled in our memory this flight.

So Happy Cosmonaut Day to all of you![<:o)]
Alternaria, thanks for the info!:)
Alternaria thank you very much for your explanation...remember: it's never late when you can learn something new Emotion: smile
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Pucca, Francesca

You are welcome ;-)

Actually I was very surprised that someone out of Russia knows about the existence of Cosmonaut day