A good budget might look something like this:


Cost of living (including food, clothes, electricity, doctor's bills, ...): 26 percent.


I doubt whether I could write Expense/Expenditure of living instead of Cost of living. You advice? Thanks.
"Cost of living" is a set phrase. Don't mess with that one.
Grammar Geek"Cost of living" is a set phrase. Don't mess with that one.

Thanks, GG.

I'm not messing with anything, especially "cost of living." All I'm trying to do now is try out all kinds of possible ways to convey a same idea because I can learn better and more this way.
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I understand and I think it's a good way to improve your vocabulary and see how phrases work together, but "cost of living" is a fixed phrase.
"Living expenses" comes to mind.
Gatekeeper"Living expenses" comes to mind.
Thanks, GG and Gatekeeper.

What a windfall--living expenses!
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"Cost of living" means something very specific in economics. Angliholic, could you tell us what you need the term for? (If you are simply working on your own budget in Excel, then you can call it whatever you want.) :-)