I have read various posts on motivation letters, yet I am still having problems coming to terms with mine.
Would you be so kind to let me know what direction I should go now, to obtain something decent ??

(I'm sorry it's a bit long...but it's hard to keep it short)

Looking forward to the tipsEmotion: smile

Dear Madam/Sir

I am writing to apply for the Master’s Programme in European Governance.

I am currently studying Sociology at the *** University in ***. My major is sociology of politics and international relations.
I am expected to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in June 2005.

My aim is to work in an international field of work related to governance of european institutions and their decision-making problems.
I aim to combine sociology and knowledge of european institutions into evaluating european governance in a sociological context.
Therefore having theoretical and empirical knowledge in sociology I have aspirations to gain a broader knowledge of issues related to European Governance.
Having an international background I hope it to be an advantage in gaining an international job. And I think that my sociological background is n excellent pathway into issues concerning governance of european institutions.

At my current study I am taking courses on The EU. I am learning about their institutions, policies, and intergovernmental relations.
These studies are creating extreme interest, appeal and the want to broaden my knowledge concerning similar issues.
Also due to my home country *** joining the EU, I have become very interested in EU related matters. My other interests include decision-making and problem solving.

To prepare myself better for this objective I completed a placement in the Economic and Commercial Section of *** (name of institution) in *** (country), which I tremendously enjoyed and learned a lot from.
It taught me systematical researching, analytical thinking and information evaluation, but most of all it has provided me with deeper insite of european relations.

Due to my parents working for ***, since a young age I have been living in various countries. My interests, travelling and wanting to work internationally have been the reason to learn languages,which I hope will be useful in my future career. I speak English and Polish fluently, I have gained a satisfactory level of the Dutch language and i have learned French at university.

I have also taken part in various *** parties and gatherings in *** in The Netherlands and Finland.
I have both helped organising them, and attended them as a guest. This has been great help in
co-living and communicating with various people and different societies.

Now I would like to focus on a Master programme which offers a wide range of subjects and electives, which will let me broaden my interests in european governance.
From prior students and research I have learned that *** University is known for its high academic standards. Wanting to focus both on knowledge and critical thinking, I am hoping this University will help me achieve all my goals.

I am looking towards your positive reply

Yous sincerely
Pretty sound really.

Your sign-off sounds wrong though.

I am looking forward to ...not I am looking towards.
Thanks a lot !!
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Aleks,your letter is good one
Hi Aleks,
Happy XMas to all

Im in the same situation so I can understand...My advice is to just be your self and show your emmense enthusiasm for the course include your international experience and how that has influenced you. If you come accross as being positive, motivated and enthusiastic you should do fine. What you have stated so far is really good. From what I have read you seem to be really interested in this area and thats what they look for - some drive!!! You are self motivated!!

Good luck
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