2-5-09 My Disagreeable Roommate

If you come to the room3T21 in the hostel of Chinese High School in the afternoon, you will a man with a massive ball in his belly laying on the floor and block the whole path. Besides that, his massive ball is covered with stretch marks. Yes, that is my roommate, nicknamed pig.

If he is not sleeping, he will be playing game or eating. As he does only these things. He is very lazy and dirty. He never clean the stool, even the stool turns into brown from white. If you ask him to wash the toilet, mop the floor, wipe the window or wash the sink, he will say "tomorrow". But actually he won't do them. He can sleep eleven hours a day and go to toilet more than three times a day and he won’t flush the stool while he is still in the toilet. Even you ask him to do so and surely the toilet will release an empowering stench. When he leaves the toilet, he will only pour a few water into the stool. It takes more than thirty minutes for him to go to stool, unless he is in a hurry.

He was forced to transfers to this school by his mother in the last two years, because he was addicted to game. He can stay in the computer center until deep night. But actually he can still play computer game four hours a day in our school. So he goes to the computer center of our school, when they open until they close. While others are doing their urgent homework, he is playing game. Although the internet speed is not very good, he still keeps doing so. Sometimes, he make the whole line die. He never thinks of others.

Unified exam is coming soon, but he studies only a few minutes a day. He often says that he can pass the exam with flying colours, even he start preparing at the eleven hour. However, He failed in the midterm, but he still keeps the same attitude. He likes to play computer game by my computer without permission, even after having scoring by me. He keep doing it and even made my computer intrude by virus.

His bad habits are numerous. Staying with him can make you become less energetic and you need to do his parts of cleaning job and so on. I feel very angry now, I hope he will be moved to another room.

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