I have to translate my boss's letter of recommendation for my application to a master programme at the university into English. I hope that someone will be that kind and check my work and provide me with tips and suggestions how to improve it.

Thanks a lot!

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend XXXX as a candidate for a Masters programme in YYYY at the University of ZZZZ that she is applying for.

Having shown excellent skills during the six-month period of volunteering here in «OOOO», my private practice for speech and language therapy while she was preparing her master's thesis, she was offered a job right after finishing her studies. Since (month, year) she is working as a therapist in the field of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of various communication disorders. Since the very beginning in this position she has shown great motivation towards reading and writing difficulties, not just in the field of treatment of those, but also in the field of prevention of such difficulties. As she has excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to approach every child in both, sensible and emphatic way, she was very successful in raising children's motivation for reading, and for literature in general . Being very organized and ambitious, she was an asset to the office as both, an independent therapist and as a part of a team of specialists (psychologists, teachers, pedagogists).

XXXX was always motivated and interesting in learning in order to improve her knowledge in the field of reading and literacy, so I highly recommend her to anyone who will consider her application for further education.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can provide you with any further information.


delete "that she is applying for"

"...here in *** (my private practice...) while..."

"Since (month, year) she has been..."

"...motivation towards solving reading...not just in the treatment but also in the prevention of such difficulties."

"..every child in a sensible and empathetic way,...for reading and for.."

"...as both an independent..."

[Good luck Nan27! It sounds like you do wonderful and important work for children!]

thank you very much for your help!
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I'm glad I could help, Nan. Some on this forum are far more expert than I, so don't hesitate to keep asking if anything is unclear to you. I very much hope you find the right place for you to do your inspiring work. Blessings...