Below is from Gilmore Girls, 219.
The underlined part, "I could care less".
If the speaker is saying that he never cares about being cool, then doesn't it have to be "I couldn't care less"?

- You could do anything. You could be anything you wanted. Is it, like, a 'cool' thing?
- I could care less about being cool.
- Inform me, please.
- I'm never going to college. Why waste time in high school?
- Why aren't you going to college? (gg 219)

Yes, only 'I couldn't care less' makes sense.

But today, a lot of people who do not love logic and educated language are in the habit of dropping the 'not'.

I think the language police should send them all to language jail. Don't you agree? Emotion: cryingEmotion: big smile

Many, many people say "I could care less," so the script is probably correct. It's still not logical, though! I find it really annoying.
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Oh, I see....

Thanks so much, and I definitely agree!!

PS: After second thought, I feel that I am not 100 % sure if the script is correct.

Maybe the script is wrong.

If you had some time, could you check the script at the address below?

Maybe it's "I couldn't care less".


I can't quite hear what he says.

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I see, I see...

Many thanks to you, Clive and khoff !!