I was writing this sentene and I am not sure if the verbe should be DECIDE or DECIDES... or I am not even sure if I started it right. In the sentene, 'the feeling' and 'a degree....' are two diferent things so I thought the verbe should be DECIDE... but then that doesn't sound naturally... can anyone heck on this one, please?? THANK you in advance!!

the sentence I am working on:

"I think IT IS the feeling and a degree of affection between two people TAHT really DECIDE(S) the level of intimacy. "
Hello, ryan79k, welcome to the forums!
I'd say:
"I think it's the feeling and the degree of affection between two persons that really decide the/their level of intimacy"
But maybe you can wait a little and see whether someone else has another opinion?
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thanks pieanne! i'll take your advice. hehe~ have a great one!Emotion: smile
I keep my fingers crossed !