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I am therefore asking for your contribution, no matter how small or huge…all will be highly appreciated!

In exchange for your generosity, I've put together some exciting gifts and I will do any design exclusively for your participation in this campaign.

"With Graphic design”, we can push ahead to a better world!

The Impact

The success of this project will make a substantial positive impact on my career opening new doors and possibilities. I believe Graphic design will make a huge positive impact on our society also instill a sense of trust in people.

With your support and our creativity, we can bring more colors and Humor to our dull daily life.

Risks & Challenges

  • I will collaborate with exceptional graphic designers with interpersonal skills; Established trusting relationships with outside vendors and key clients, talented at building and maintaining “win-win” partnerships.
  • If I don’t reach the set goal, the funds won’t be enough to accomplish everything the way I have promised and the way it should be but every fundraised will go toward the success of this project.

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