I need a great help. I translated the summary of a monograph, which I have to hand in tomorrow - and I 'd like to know if there are any mistakes, please!!!

Here it goes:
This monograph tries to show the reality of a current and polemical topic in Brazil: adoption by homoaffective pairs (here may I write gay pairs instead of homoaffective pairs? In fact I don’t know if this expression “homoaffective pairs” exist, sorry!).To a better understanding of the topic, at first instance, a brief historical is done concerning the evolution of family patterns. The changes that happened in the Brazilian family are broached (or it’s better to say here are accosted?), showing the new existent patterns nowadays.In the following chapter, besides a brief study of the prejudice with regard to the homosexual in the course of the history, with approach in the equality principle, it’s showed up the acceptance to the gay union in the international scenery and in Brazilian juridical system. Broaches (or Accosts?) the adoption problem in Brazil, as well as its requirements and purpose, that is to assure the child and adolescent’s right to the familiar and communitarian familiarity.In the last chapter, the core of this monograph is reached, the adoption by gay pairs. First, it tries to accost the problem that has permeated most of the adoptions by homosexuals in Brazil: when a gay pair wants to adopt, one of the homosexuals has to be chosen in order to formalize the petition for adoption, but, in the practice, both finish educating and raising together this child. It becomes evident that the bond between the child and the partner of his adopter doesn’t find a proper juridical custody that preserves the best interests of the minor. Also, the legal possibility is seen of gay pairs coming to jointly adopt, presenting studies about adoption’s psychological viability by these pairs and giving an account of the first favorable judicial decisions to adoption by them.Key words: Adoption, gay pairs; homosexuality;family;child; adolescent.

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In answer to your first question, the expression I would use is homosexual couples, or perhaps gay couples. Second sentence--For a better understanding...a brief history is given concerning the evolution of family patterns, and the changes that have recently happened in the Brazilian family are discussed. The next chapter provides a study of historical prejudice against homosexuality, and suggests that the equality principle is prevailing internationally. It also suggests that equal treatment for homosexuals is becoming part of the Brazilian justice system, and that this change has affected the adoption problem where the requirement is to assure an adolescent's rights. In the final chapter the core idea of the monograph is reached, adoption by gay couples. First it addresses the central problem of these adoptions, that one of the partners has to be chosen as the parent for the formal petition. In practice, however, both parents together raise this child. It becomes evident...doesn't find the proper judicial solution that preserves the best interests of the child. Also, the monograph discusses the possibility of gay couples adopting jointly, adds studies about the psychological viability of couple's adoptions, and gives an account......by them.
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