Young people who commit crimes should be treated in the same way as adults who commit crimes. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There are some arguments about whether or not should we punish minor criminals the same way as adult criminals. In my opinion, I partly agree that we should not discriminate based on their age and that everyone should be treated equally.

In a way, no one can deny that there are still some negative points in that argument. Firstly, there is a chance that juvenile delinquents do not fully understand the consequences of their wrong actions. They may not be able to control their anger and think properly about how the crimes will affect them, and as a result, make a mistake that will change their lives forever. Considering their immature nature, it is true that they lack mature thinking and are easier to make mistakes than a grown adult. Besides, they still have a long future ahead of them so it is reasonable to think that we should reduce the punishment for youngsters.

However, I still believe that they should be treated the same way as an adult, or at least most of the time. We have to accept the fact that the age of criminals can never change the severity of crimes. There is a reason why the justice system should be fair and equal. For example, let's say two children have an argument and one of them kills another out of anger. It does not matter if the killer is a kid or an adult, a minor has died, someone's life has been taken away from them and nothing can change that fact. So why would you give a chance to a kid and not a grown adult when they commit the same serious crime. Moreover, it is unfair to the victims of the crime and their families. What would the people who lost their family members think if they see the convict gets away with weak punishment and walk around after one or two years in prison or worse no prison time at all. It is unreasonable that their children or their loved one has gone forever and the culprit can just make a fresh start again.

In conclusion, I do realize that in some cases underage criminals should be treated milder compared to the adult. However, I believe with serious crimes, everyone should be punished the same way. In the end, justice needs to be fair to all.

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