Hi teachers,
Could you correct or confirm the questions based on the text?

Fred Collins is going to get a very nasty shock in a few seconds. He does not know that his wife came into the pub (only) a few seconds ago and is standing behind him.

1. What's going to take place in a few seconds?
2. What isn't Fread aware of? Is the answer to this one, 'He isn't aware of the presence of his wife behind him'?
3. Was his wife there all the time?
4. is Fred's wife at the back of Fred?

Thanks in advance.
1. What's going to happen very soon?
2. What isn't Fred aware of? (His wife has arrived; His wife is there; His wife is behind him; etc.)
3. Was his wife there all the time?
4. Where is his wife now?
Hi Mister Micawber,
Thank you very much for your help.