Dear all!

I'm working at the manager asked me to take meeting minus and sent all the librarian... So Could you please correct my English? If you think my sentences are seem so simple, please correct them if you don't mind.

" - To put the stationerys back to the right place after use. The volunteers also aware of that.

- Do inform colleagues before you leave counter to do somethng.

- To stamp the date very tidy on the date due slip.

- To mention clearly why we charge for when we take units on the service ticket.

- To mention the name of the staff when we put message on the members' record.

- To finish shelving on Sunday before leaving.

- Not to take break time while doing shelving without letting know the senior staff. If you need a break time please inform the senior staff first.."

thanks for your help

Chaw Su.

You need:

Meeting Date:

Meeting Time:

Meeting Location:



Dear julielai,

Thank for your cooperation... could you please check my English? if these sentences are seem to simple, pls correct them for me...

Thanks again

Chaw Su
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You need to rewrite your minutes in the format shown in the example first.

Dear Julielai,

I've finished my meeting minutes as you want to. Could you please correct my english this time?

thanks alot for your help!

Chaw Su

Library Staff Meeting Minutes

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Dear Julielai,

Thank you so much for your help...

yes, that is informal short...our supervisor reminded library assistant the library's discipline then i have no idea how to write conclusion....sorry for that...julie!!!!

"please mention clearly why we charge for when we take units on the service ticket"...I mean one member return books over due date, they have to buy a service ticket which has 50 squares. we call 1 unit for one square.... So we have to cross out units on how many day they've got overdue.

With best wishes,

Chaw Su