Hi all!

Could you please correct my English below? My sentences seem so simple.. Could you rewrite with high level english for me please if you don't mind?

How’s everything? I sent mail to you as soon as I’ve got mail. Now I’m on duty. I’ve got 2 days off (Tuesday and Wednesday). You are always on my mind. Saya also! But I have no chance to phone saya(UMA) coz of my husband… he is so jealous.. whenever I phone my friends, he is always listening to what I’m saying with my friends. If I talk with male friend on the line, he's got nerve. I’ll call you.. You can call me on 095000667. I want to see UMA but I have no chance to go outside alone. Wherever I go, my husband is always beside me.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation,

Chaw Su
Chaw Su,

This very informal email surely reflects your own personality and way of speaking - there is no reason to rewrite it. I would urge you to take your telephone number out of your original post though.

He's got nerve = he gets nervous

Your closing line is very formal too - perhaps you would just want to write how you would say goodbye to this friend if you were speaking to him/her?
Dear Rose!

You mean all my sentences are correct.??

I always post my writing to forums before I send it to my friend or manager because I'm worried that my friend or manager found my mistake and they look down on me....

thanks for your help

With best wishes,

chaw su