Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

For the past decades, accepting a fair number of students from both gender has been a topic of great interest. Some people believe this should be the priority of the school’s responsibility. I strongly believe agree with this statement.

The first reason why I advocate this idea is that a class with both male and female students will create a spirit in that class. Because, if a class is full of boys or girls, that class will be boring. Scientists have also shown that, if there were a girl next to a boy while he is studying, that boy would perform better in learning. And this is also the same with the female students too. For example, the boys can only get 60% done in their homework when they study alone, but if they do homework with another student from different gender, this figure can rise to 80%.

Another reason why I believe in accepting bọth male and female students with an equal number is that it is unfair if the university rejects a student just because of gender. The university should choose a student for every course base on their qualifications, not their gender. For example, some female students can be better at Math than male students. And some boys have a talent for drawing. In this way, both genders can access equal qualitíe in the school.

In conclusion, a university school is a place of fairness where male and female students have the same learning opportunities. It would be a disaster if we reject a girl applying to a man’s course despite how good she is.

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