It is important to have specific dreams and thought in life

when i was in birth place and school, a lot of kids like me wanted to float the air. but i was aware that is not possible. so i asked to my mother to buy a TV because that time national television broadcasting aired two famous teledramas one is Dazan, hopefully every body watched and got astound about Dazan and his entourage monkey Emotion: smile , and other one is very strange drama but unfortunately i forget that Teledrama name, but it was fill with lot of floating action especially by parashout and especially by girl floater too Emotion: smile

during that time i had chance by accidentally to watch what is para-shout by reality show which was shown by Air force, thanks a lot father. that time Military launch para-light, which was used to light the area whenever want in night. from that i could have a para-shout, i had a pleasure like NASA On board crew. once again thanks a lot my neighbor, who took the para shout from the our village herb garden.

i loved very much about kite and floating kites with bulb light and sound, it was tremendous experience.and almost every time, rope was cut due to the high tension because almost three or four kites were connected continuously. then we ran continuously until find the rope and kites, but some times we failed this attempt and our out of the control too. then what can we do ? stole the money from home and make new Emotion: smile

second dream was i had to ride horse alone. still i don’t have a chance. time will answer this dream.

my father and mother had own houses, it has 2 hall and 4 rooms, almost like a palace for me, and had a big surrounding environment like vegetable patch. so there were enough fresh air. unfortunately two house were blown up around 1990’s i was just five years old . and finally we felt like power less people, where had experience like Hiroshima and Nagasaki people. from that incident we lived like a refuge, so i felt i had to built home as like we had. so far it would not come as a true. hopefully everything will fine by the time and manoeuvre.
My father and mother own a house(period). It...

I, not i

It is important to have specific dreams and thought in life (period)

etc. etc.
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