I am HCT student year 1. Our teacher gives us a project about UAE Cultures and Military customs. She want us to make the project as a booklet. I already finish the instruction and the food topics. Still I did not finish the Greetings topic, Daily routine and Gestures. I searched for these topics and I did not found any things and my English is poor. Could you please help me writing some things about these topics.

Thank you,

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Please try to begin these yourself. If you post them here, we will help you improve them.
Thank you Mr. Mister Micawber for your reply.

I will try to write it here.


Greetings in UAE are different between men's and women's. Men's are giving their greeting to others "men's" by touching the noise "this is the most greetings way between them". Women's are giving their greetings by kissing the cheeks. This greetings for both even they are young or old.

Our habits is welcoming any person come to our home and be nice with them coz they are in our home.

Daily Routine..

Our habits said that we have to visit our family and relatives every time and gives them our greetings. In each family in UAE; there is the old house which is grandfather house. Every Friday or Thursday we must be their and meeting our family and relative. We are joining every things together if it's happenies and sadness and helping others.


I did not understant the meaning of this topic.

Could you please help me correcting these topics and making me understant the last topic.

Thank you again and looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.


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Greetings in the UAE are different between men and women. Men greet other men by touching their noses. This is the most common way of greeting between them. Women greet others women by kissing their cheeks. This greeting is used whether they are young or old. Our habit is to welcome any person who comes to our home and to be nice with them because they are in our home.

Daily Routine

Our habit is that we should visit our relatives every day and greet them. In each family in the UAE, there is an old house which is the grandfather's house. Every Thursday or Friday we go there and meet our relatives. We join together, whether there is happiness or sadness, and help others.

That is a good beginning, Nadia. Can you think of any other customs? What about prayer? Shopping?
Gestures means the way we move our hands and faces to add information to spoken communication. How do people in the UAE use their hands to express anger, pleasure, surprise? How do you attract the attention of a waiter or a salesperson in a shop? Etc.
Thank you Mr. Mister Micawber for your help and for your correction.

if I will write about the prayer and shopping, uder which topic I have to put it.

Are these things which is under Greetings and daily routine topics enough to add it to the booklet or I have to think and write more.

about the Gestures I will write about it and I will post it here to see my writing.

Thank you for encourageing me to write on my self..

Really this is making me know how is English easy to learn.


Well, I don't know what your teacher asked you for, but I suppose that the more UAE greetings, gestures and daily routines that you include, the better your grade will be.

Praying and shopping are things you do daily, I presume.
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Thank you again..

I have some thing to add it but I don't know in which topic I have to put, which is about days of ramadan..

In ramadan the people in the uae making different dishes of food and sent to neighbors, parents Some of them send food and water to the mosques to feed the poor people. Also in ramadan the poeople in uae have speacial nights; visiting the relative, praying, reading Quraan, fireworks and events ramadan which is making this month special for us.

this is all for now.

Thank you Mister Micawber for your support.

Hmm. I think that Ramadan may have to go under a new topic: Customs and Traditions.

During Ramadan, the people in the UAE make different dishes of food and send them to their neighbors and parents. Some of them send food and water to the mosques to feed the poor people. Also during Ramadan, the people in the UAE have special nights, visiting relatives, praying, reading the Quraan, and watching fireworks and other events of Ramadan, which makes this month special for us.
what about putting ramadan topic under gestures topic.. it will not be match with the tittle??!!


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