Hello dear Lisa

I hope you are doing well and enjoy your time. Recently, I knew that you are looking for a housemate so I think I have to tell you that I have a great person for this. Lili is my best old friend, she is 21 years old, still studying at university in the engineering department. She is part of a small family including one brother and parents. She has told me that she needs to rent a house with someone because she doesn't like being alone and to pay less money. She is one of the interesting people, likes doing things with others, sharing her happiness and giving a helping hand. In her free time, she prefers spending time reading novels, watching a movie or going out with friends. I think you will like each other and be the closest friends because she has a very beautiful personality as you can trust and depend on her and also spend great moments with her. So I strongly recommend you choose her being your housemate. I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.
Have a good day dear


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Okay, Thank you so much.