To this song -

I don't want to cry no more
I don't want to cry no more
oh, would you help me out this world
oh lord, oh my lord

Sundays I can fight the war
and I'm chasing demons so far
away from my... away from my door
my friends, friends arrive on a [something in French?]

sent down, sent down to live in air
there was and the stones that ? in fighting
to make all ? of the Lord Christ
and we will be getting out
will be getting out of this
getting out of this
will get out of the rain
and throw the stones

in his name
oh Jesus is his name
he is one who we can pray to
and the Lord will hear
will hear about anything at all

and he want to bless you ?
he is always the thruth in life
he will get to the Father ? to him
in his name Jesus, in his name Jesus lord
in his name Jesus
in his Jesus Lord

and he kills demons and devils and wins the wars
and found peace and found heaven
in Jesus Lord
his the worry all we need
to find and fight the

the devil who cames fallen
falling down but will get out of here
and there is nothing else that
will happens here that will happens here

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