Climate change is a big environmental problem that has become critical in last couple of decades. Some people claim that humans should stop burning fossil fuels and use only alternative energy resources, such as wind and solar power. Others say that oil, gas and coal are essential more many industries, and not using them will lead to economic collapse.

What is your opinion?

Support point of view with relevant examples.

In recent decades, climate change is a major topic of concern in today’s world. It is believed that usage fuel is essential for the economic growth, while there is compelling evidence that humans should use renewable resources such as wind and solar power instead of fossil fuels. In my viewpoint, we should mitigate the use of fossil fuels to save our environment.

Oil, gas and coal, according to some, are indispensable to an industrial economy. This is because most of our energy comes from these fossil fuels, energy-generating processes and heat to make new products in the industry. For instance, in Vietnam, the majority of electricity is generated in thermal power stations, in which a vast amount of coal about approximately 2 tons is burnt on a daily basis. As a result, fossil fuels play a pivotal role in the development of many companies. If humans stop using fossil fuels, the country's economy might be interrupted.

However, there is a reasonable ground that today’s people should use renewable resources like wind and solar power instead of fossil fuels because of many issues. An important reason is that the environment is affected by industrial emissions. Following the research of environmentalists, the combustion of fossil fuels releases large amounts of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, leading to other environmental issues such as severe climate change or causing global warming. Thus, renewable resources have been introduced to new schemes of industry could address give problems.

In summary, the limitation of fuels is associated with several benefits, such as a significant change in the environment. I recommend the government should spend money on investing to implement renewable resources into industries.

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