I already asked this and got a answer from a good man. However it was not so enough that I could understand it.

Could you check it out and tell me your opinions?

I really hope you can help me and give me any opinion.


1. I would go, unless it should be rainy. / I would go, if it should not be rainy.

2. I am going, unless it should be rainy. / I am going, if it should not be rainy.

3. I will go, unless it should be rainy. / I will go, unless it should be rainy.

How do they sound like?
Hi Lucas,
The form "unless it should be rainy" and "if it should not be rainy" would not be used in American English.

I would go, as long as it doesn't rain (as long as it isn't rainy).

No difference between these:
I am going, unless it rains. I am going if it doesn't rain.
I will go, unless it rains. I will go if it doesn't rain.

I don't know if this is standard in BrE.
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How about "Unless the river should flow backward, I will love you."?

Does it also sound wrong ?

As far as I know, those should be right but it they aren't.

Could you tell me why?
It's the "should" that is the problem for me.

Unless the latch is engaged, the motor won't start.
Unless you clean this room with in the next ten minutes, our trip to the park is cancelled.

I can't imagine why a river running backwards would affect my love, but grammatically, "Unless the river runs backwards, I will always love you" is okay.

Note that I prefer: "The motor won't start unless the latch is engaged," and "Our trip to the park is cancelled unless you clean this room."

And even more natural to me is: "The motor won't start if the latch is not engaged" and "Our trip is cancelled if you don't clean this room."
Thank you very much for your answers.

However I just tried to think it in other ways and guess the problem can be something else.

I suspect that maybe we can't use "unless" in an unreal conditional clause.

Could you check it whether we can say like next?

If anyone should come to see me, he will/would know I am not at home.

If "should" is the real problem, it will also sound wrong.

And, how about this?

If anyone should not come to me, nobody would/will not waste his time.

If it is also okay, but only a following sentence sounds weird, we can conclude that we can't use "unless" in any unreal conditional clause.

Unless anyone should come to me, nobody would not waste his time.

Please tell me your opinions.

Thank you.
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