Hi all,
Could you please help me improve my email? I was also wondering is there a better way to start my email than saying "I am writing to enquire about....". Thank you so much.

Subject: Enquiry Regarding Course Re-enrollment

Dear xx,

I am writing to enquire about my course re-enrollment arrangements.

Could you please tell me if I will take the Machine Learning exam at its subsequent exam date? Is it correct that I should submit all my missing assignments before the corresponding deadline, or can I submit them before the deadline?

Thank you for your help!

Yours truly,


Your email is very confusing. Write clear sentences. No one can answer if you will take this exam, because you might be sick on the date it is given.

Here is a clear question:

When am I scheduled to take the Machine Learning exam? I see on the course schedule that it will be given on October 13 at 2 pm. May I take the exam at that time, or do I have to wait for the next scheduled date?

When do I need to submit all the assignments that I have not yet turned in? Does each assignment have a different deadline, or is there one deadline for all of them?

"course re-enrollment arrangements" is very ambiguous. State clearly what you mean. For example:

I want to enroll in the course Machine Learning 302, which I dropped last semester because I had failed the prerequisite, Machine Learning 301. I am finishing the requirements to get a passing grade in that course and have a few questions.