Topic: Some people suggest that smoking should be banned in public places. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Write about your opinion and the reason of it.

Smoking is considered as a bad habit of people. It does not only depreciate the overall health of smokers but it also annoys others who don’t use cigarettes while harm the environment. Thus, the proposal of banning smoking from public places should be adopted ultimately.

Smoking worsens the health of our societies, which declines the life expectancy of human. Smokers’ immune system are vulnerable to plenty of diseases, especially respiratory ones. Fumes which are inhaled while using cigarettes are detrimental for the most important organ of breathing process - lungs because they are specialized to clean the air from outside before being taken in by bodies. More over, indirect smoke has similar impact on second hand smokers’ lungs. According to a research conducted by WHO, 70% of smokers are diagnosed to have smoking related disease while 50% people who often have contact with smoking fumes suffer from the same illnesses; which are among the main causes of plummeting life circle. Thus, the authorities should enact the smoking ban in order to improve the community health.

Both natural and artificial environment are severely affected by smoking fumes. The amount of toxic smoke attributes to the dioxide carbon in Earth’s atmosphere, which leads to higher level of glass house effect. Therefore, does appear the extinction of many species all over the world. In addition, used cigarettes surge the risk of fire in the city neighbourhood. That smokers recklessly throw their cigarettes increases the chances for flammable materials to get burned. It is conveyed that smoking fumes make up to over 50% in the reasons of global warming mean while a quarter of fires occurs due to not fully put out cigarettes after being used. Therefore, excluding the smoking culture in public places is indispensable due to the safe of both human and animals.

In conclusion, there is no doubt about the advantages of the banning smoking law. However, that is considered as rejecting human rights according to some people’s opinion. So, it takes time for the citizens to compline the law and for the Government to enforce it efficiently.