Could you please help find the mistakes in these sentences?

- The second the sun comes up, I'm no longer tired.
- When I see people on the streets at 6am I don't know if they are going to work or coming home from a long night out.
- Where did you almost choke to death. Was it at his house?
- I've never gone home directly from work and the two times that I did work the night shift I wen to her house afterwards.
- I didn't think there would be a problem.
- You can't pass for an american because of your accent.
- There used to be a bank here so I used to work on the street you live on.
- The morning people aren't the same as the night people. There are 2 different shifts.

Thank you
Could someone please help me with these questions please. I'm having trouble.

THank you so much


(1) Your sentences seem fine -- except for a few missing commas.

(2) The only sentence that I feel needs changing is the next to the last one.

(a) May I suggest:

I worked in the bank that used to be on the street you live on.

Thank you.