love is something you cherish,money is just paper.nonething can buy love unless its not real love.when you have a loved one don't let anything get in the way of tearing the love apart.

Of course we all want 1million dollars,but would you trade it for love?If you really loved someone you wouldn't trade the love in for nonthing.So to come to my conclusion money can't buy love.

holla at me and give me yuor opinion!
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Are you talking about a Beatle's song?
This is like asking: Do you have a price?
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Didn't you know?
I guess you bought it..your exprienced? right?

Never mind!!
I never did, I never would. It just walked into my life with no warning. How does that sound to you, love?
Love is between two persons,unfortunatliy a lot of times the other person doesn't love you or hates you and you would only know that until the end of the relationshop.You gave everything and 100% from yourself for this love,and at the end the
love will disapear.
I never compare money and love together,because you get each one differently and each one you deal with it differently.
Money by working or winning the lotto or inheriting...and money you can touch it.
Love comes to you (if you are lucky )unexpectedly and vanish sometimes unexpectedly.
Love: is mythical and magical and comes from the heart,but not all people share the same feeling or care about love.Love is vague undefined,unclear... what is love? Ask people what is love ,each person will answer differently.Take care for yourself and your family .If love comes to you great ,if not their is other things in life could be enjoyed and cheerished.Like good health,peace of mind,friends...
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" relationshop" I hope your subconcious is not betraying you. How would humour deal with love I wonder? what is it, for you, I mean?
By a very big laugh and appreciating every moment with love or without love .As long I am treating the others with fairness.I give love, but a lesson life teaches you that not always you will get the same in retun.It is not a mathematical equation that you will know what you will get .Love is mysterious.

Love for you all.
You sound so cautious!. I guess you see no humour in love. Don't you find it funny?
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