Dear teachers,

I need to send this short letter. Could you please peruse it for me.

Many thanks in advance.



Dear Dr. Aaaaa Bbbbb,

As mentioned in my e-mail, please find attached the University’s Reference Request form to be completed and signed by you.

Although the form contains a blank space (where you are supposed to include your reference), I would appreciate if you could write it on an official headed paper as a standard reference letter, so I could attach it to this University´s form and also use the same letter for the scholarship application package without having to disturb you again.

I have also enclosed an envelope with my address, so you can use it to send this documentation back.

Thank you very much for your cooperation and time.

Yours sincerely

Very nice, all I would change is to say 'write it on official headed paper...'
Thanks a lot nona the brit for your prompt reply Emotion: smile